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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to Get Bigger Chest Muscles?
June 13, 2017

Who doesn't want bigger pecs? To strengthen your chest muscles and make them pop, focus on doing chest-enhancing exercises, using the right workout techniques, and eating a healthy muscle-building diet. Follow along after the jump to learn how to get bigger chest muscles in no time at all

Exercises to Get Bigger Pectorals

Do push ups This often-neglected exercise focuses on building up your shoulder and upper chest muscles. Lie face-down on the floor and start with your hands about shoulder-width apart, with your legs stretched behind you. Push your body up from the floor with your hands until your elbows are straight, then lower yourself until your arms reach a 90 degree bend
Do 3 sets of 15 push-ups, or as many as you can before growing fatigued. Add more reps as you gain strength

Push ups also work your triceps and shoulders (deltoids)

Try this variation: elevate your legs by placing your feet on a block or step before doing the exercise. This puts emphasis on your shoulders and upper chest

June 13, 2017

Supercharge your ab training with these 4 advanced core moves

There’s more to core work than simply crunching your body up and down at a steady pace. Every time you change direction, swing a bat, or throw a football, there’s an intricate network of muscles at work—and if you want to be prepared for explosive, athletic movements, you need to prepare your core accordingly

The following core workout is a quartet of moves designed to deliver more than just looks. You’ll strengthen your torso from top to bottom and front to back and 
improve your rotational power. And yes, it’ll help you get a six-pack, too

Top 5 Leg Training Mistakes and How to Correct Them
June 13, 2017

With more meat than a deli counter, and tricked out with vertical ravines and horizontal etchings, quadriceps can be showstoppers. Unfortunately, most bodybuilders never maximize their quads, because they are forever shortchanging their leg workouts. This month, we’ll examine the most frequent quad-training blunders and lay out a course of action for correcting each so that the time spent at the squat rack and leg press earns you an A in leg gains

Incorrectly Targeting Areas

Here’s a prevalent myth: to focus more on your quads and less on your glutes during Smith machine or hack squats, move your feet further forward

In fact, the opposite is true. Likewise, many believe that a wide stance will work outer quads and a narrow stance hits more of the inner area–wrong again. The fact is that even many experienced bodybuilders simply do not know how to best target the four quadriceps muscles (the vastus lateralis, rectus femoris, vastus intermedius and vastus medialis) and the various muscles of the upper, inner thighs


Point your toes in to work the outer quads (vastus lateralis) more; point them out to work the inner quads (vastus medialis) more
Keep your feet under your hips during exercises, such as Smith machine squats, to target the quads more and glutes less
Taking a narrow stance will focus more on the outer quads; taking a wide stance (and pointing your toes out) will focus more on the muscles of the inner thighs

Using Truncated Range of Motion

You see it in every gym. Guys load up the leg press for–at best–half reps, bending their knees only far enough to keep the weight moving

Don’t Do These 4 Things On Back Day
June 13, 2017

The reason you don’t want a rounded spine is because that makes you more susceptible to a disc injury which can seriously hold you back as a weightlifter

Your lower back muscles play a large part in helping to keep your back straight so you definitely don’t want them tired when you hit that heavy weight. Hit your lower back exercises last in your back routine

Don’t Be Tempted To Look Up In The Mirror

Okay okay we all love checking ourselves out in the mirror but avoid this temptation when doing exercises where you’re bent over. During these exercises there is pressure pulling on your shoulders, lats and right into your spinal column, so if your neck is out of position this creates a new opportunity for disc damage

But don’t worry, just remember to keep your head aligned in the same direction as your torso during any rowing movement. This means if your body is bent over at 45 degrees, then your head should be at 45 degrees too. Don’t look up

ALWAYS Back Before Biceps

I bet you’ve felt before that you workout your biceps naturally when you train back. This is because biceps are a primary mover during back exercises, so you want the fresh to lift the heavy weight your using for back

7 Things That Will Happen When You Do Planking Exercise Every Day
June 13, 2017

Bodyweight exercises are gaining ground in the fitness world due to the practicality and simplicity of getting in shape using your own body weight. Planks are one form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part, and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time

The importance of core strength

Abdominal muscles must provide support for our entire back and spinal column. In doing so, they also play a vital role in preventing injuries. However, for them to perform this function successfully, our core muscles have to be strong and trained on a regular basis. What all this means is that doing plank exercises every day is a great way to strengthen your core, and in doing so, support your spine

What will happen when you start doing planks every day

Bigger Arms in 5 (Unconventional) Moves
June 13, 2017

If you’ve been weightlifting for a while now, you have probably noticed that any routine, no matter how great it is, is bound to stop producing great results after a certain point in time, a phenomenon otherwise known as hitting a training plateau

This can be really obvious in the case of arm and chest training simply because those are the two body parts people focus on the most. So after a few months of providing your bi’s with the same training stimuli, they will stop responding to it with new growth. That’s pretty normal and it marks the moment when you need to come up with a new way to challenge your muscles and take your routine to the next level. And you should actually be pretty excited about this because there are so many great arm exercises out there waiting to be discovered and utilized. In this article we will show you 5 exercises that you should throw into your mix of staple mass-builders and build bigger, more defined guns

Standing Two Arm High Pulley Cable Curl

This is a great finisher move that targets the long head of the biceps brachii and works the biceps peak. The main advantage of performing it on a cable pulley machine instead of using a barbell or dumbbells is that the machine allows you to work your bi’s throughout the entire range of motion, thus causing more hypertrophy